It's your skin... feel it, live in it, enjoy it.

Dermatology clinic in Madrid.
We focus on taking care of you, adapting our treatments to your real needs for the health and beauty of your skin.

Your skin is your internal expression and your contact with the outside.

Through it, you connect with others, with nature and things.

Through your skin you feel the wind, the sun, a caress, a garment.

Your skin shines, has goosebumps, perspires…

And in it, you reflect who you are.

Because you feel life in every pore of your skin.

That’s why you deserve it to be healthy, pampered and well-nourished.

Piel delicada con flor

If it is so important, it seems that maintaining the health of your skin is a great challenge.

It is possible and easy to do if you know how to treat it and what is good for it.

However, sometimes an alteration or infection arises, whether internal or external, that causes damage to your skin and worries you.

Doctora Silvia Gala sonriente mirando a cámara

At Gala clinic we know your skin.

We have been working on it for 20 years with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases that may affect your dermis and its adnexal structures (hair follicles and nails).

We apply our experience and equipment to maintain, improve and restore health to your skin.

In our clinic in Madrid, we care for it so that you live in it and enjoy it.

"We work for the comprehensive health of your skin from the medical, surgical and cosmetic areas."

Dra. Prof. Silvia Pérez Gala

Prof. Silvia Pérez Gala

What does your skin need?

Chicas juntas para los servicios de Gala clinic

These are the services we offer you to give you health and plenitude

Skin health can be affected by both external and internal factors.

Understanding the cause of the pathology you have and providing you with the healthiest treatment to solve it is what we do at Gala clinic.

Here you can see the details of our general dermatology services.

You know that your skin reflects how you feel and who you are.

You want to take care of your skin in a healthy way and with confidence in effective and real treatments, adapted to what you are looking for.

At Gala clinic, we have the space you need for you in our clinic in Madrid.

These are our cosmetic dermatology services.

There are situations where skin care requires surgery to remove conditions and repair damaged areas.

Safety and experience in this area is key to obtaining the best possible results.

Speciality in Mohs surgery.

You can see here the surgeries we perform.

Having a dermal condition can cause you concern and uncertainty.

We diagnose and treat pre-cancer and skin cancer and provide you with information and understanding of the situation.

We put equipment and technology at the service of the health and care of your skin, to offer you effective and responsible treatments.

Discover our treatments.

What our patients say about Gala clinic…

You have been a great discovery for me. There is not a single person who needs a dermatologist whom I do not recommend you because of the professional rigour and protocols applied in the management of your work.
Also, the great relational knowledge you have of other pathologies and the fact that you cover other specialities that I did not know were the competence of a dermatologist.
I would like to highlight closeness, which allows me to talk with confidence and at ease.
I will always be grateful for the humane treatment I received.

M . A . S .
What our patients say about Gala clinic…

My daughter and I have the following perception of the clinic:
Professionalism, very personalized treatment and efficiency.

B . P . N .
What our patients say about Gala clinic…

I would like to highlight the closeness they have with the patient.
The ease with which they explain things without using so many medical terms that sometimes people who don't know about medicine don't understand.
They give me peace of mind and, in my personal case, how lucky I have been, since after going to many dermatologists and having a thousand tests done, no one had been able to help me with my pathology and give me the right treatment. My improvement has been remarkable, so my quality of life has changed a lot.

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Dra. Silvia Pérez Gala –
Founder and director of Gala clinic

Graduated in dermatology. Col. No. 28/1407557

For 20 years I have been caring for the health of my patients’ skin with understanding and knowledge.

At Gala clinic you will find detailed attention, listening and empathy, because being close to you and understanding you helps us take care of you.

Silvia, directora de Gala clinic

We do skin medicine aiming at your inner well-being.

Silvia, directora de Gala clinic

Do you want to start as soon as possible?

Make an appointment for your face-to-face consultation at our clinic in Madrid.

We are eager to meet you and start improving your skin health.

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